Sim Acceptable Use Policy




We want to ensure that all our customers have fair access to the same level of service, which is why Grade Mobile customers have certain obligations when using our services. These require you to ensure that your use of our services is only for private and personal use and not for any business purposes (unless you have a business account with us). The obligations also look at your roaming use when roaming aboard, age restricted services, and adherence to UK law.  
Our Acceptable Use Policy will outline your obligations and the consequences of failing to adhere to them. This Policy forms part of your Terms and Conditions.  
Your obligations 
  1. Personal use 
Your Grade Mobile service should only be used for private and personal use. No customer should use our service for business purposes unless they have a business account with us.  
  1. Age Restricted Services  
If you are below the age required to access age-restricted services, then you must not access these services. No customer should be sharing content from age restricted services to another person below the legal age to view that content.  
  1. Adherence to UK Law 
Your use of our services must follow UK Law. You must not send, upload or download any message, text, video, or upload the same to the internet if it is offensive, threatening or abusive, obscene or menacing, or a nuisance. You must also not use our services for any fraudulent purposes, including the fraudulent resale of our devices or services. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to stop such resale. 
The list above is not exhaustive; any unlawful behaviour which is committed through or on our services will be in breach of the Acceptable Use Policy.  
  1. Blackbox Restrictions 
Customers must not use our service to “hide” their mobile phone number and make it appear that a call is coming from a landline. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to ensure that this activity ceases. 
  1. Roaming in the EU and selected destinations 
As customers of Grade Mobile, we ask that you consider your obligations around the usage of our roaming service in the EU and other selected destinations outside of the UK. These obligations require you to ensure that the use of our service be restricted to either private, personal, and non-commercial purposes (unless you have a business plan). 
As an example of our roaming limits, if you’re on our 100GB plan, you will have a 20GB limit of roaming usage. Once you reach this limit, you’ll be charged at the out of bundle rate. 
You can find our Roaming charges, and zoning here. Roam-like-home (RLH) permits 2 hours of calls without you incurring additional charges. 
Please note 5G services are subject to availability and is not currently available when roaming outside the UK. 
Things you should avoid:  
For us to provide the best and fairest possible service to our customers, we ask that you avoid doing the following activities which may breach the Acceptable Use Policy: 
    • use our service for the first time outside of the UK;
    • use a large volume of your allowance (either texts, calls, or data) in the EU or other selected countries outside of the UK; and 
    • use our services in the EU or other selected countries outside of the UK for prolonged periods of time. If you use our services outside the UK in the EU and our other selected destinations for 63 or more days in any four-month period and you cannot demonstrate prevailing use or presence in the UK this is likely to be deemed to be an unfair use of our services. When this happens charges will apply, but we will always contact you 14 days before this time to make you aware of this. These charges will cease to apply when your behaviour is in accordance with this policy. 
  1. What happens if you fail to follow the Acceptable Use Policy?  
To keep our service fair for all customers, if we reasonably suspect your use of our service is against the Acceptable Use Policy, then we reserve the right to take any appropriate action. This can include but is not limited to:  
    • Imposition of further charges;  
    • SIM Restrictions or Disconnection of SIM;  
    • Suspension of our service;  
    • Termination of your agreement with us; 
    • Investigation into your usage; and 
    • Prevention of any further services or packages being offered. 
  1. Our Responsibilities 
We will notify you if our Acceptable Use Policy changes.  
We also will ensure to comply with any reasonable instructions from our Mobile Network Operator Enabler (MVNO-E) in relation to the Acceptable Use of their service.