Frequently asked questions

General questions

Leasing is much like a subscription. Your pay a fixed amount every month for your agreed upon length.

You have a few options when you reach the end of your contract.
1) You can upgrade at no additional charge, getting a later model, sending your old device back to us. Your monthly payments will be adjusted to reflect the newer device as applicable
2) You can let the contract expire and simply send the phone back to us
3) You have the option to extend your lease
4) You can purchase the device you've been leasing from us at a discounted price and keep it for yourself

Leasing gives you more freedom to pick and choose, customising your package to suit you. For example, a lot of the newer phones from the major brand expect you to use 60GB+ of data tempting you to go for a higher package. If your a light user of your device but wanted the latest phone you then had flexbility to opt into a monthly rolling SIM only plan at a much lower cost and save overall!

Phones tend to be released each year, so why not take advantage. You can pick a SIM plan for you and even sign up for 36 months (which is the normal length these days), but then take out one of our 12 month leasing plans. Upgrading to the latest flagship model year in year out whilst keeping your SIM deal seperate!

There are multiple ways to get in touch with us:
Give us a call on 0300 300 4949
Email Us on contact@grademobile.co.uk
Write to our head office: GRADE MOBILE, PO Box 807, Folkestone, CT20 9NG